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Kentucky Colonels International

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Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Commissions for Kentucky colonels are given by the governor and the secretary of state to individuals in recognition of noteworthy accomplishments and outstanding service to a community, state, or the nation. The Governor of Kentucky bestows the honor of a colonel's commission, by issuance of letters patent.

Kentucky Colonels International (KCI) is an objective that began in 1998 online to extend goodwill and project fellowship internationally between the Commonwealth of Kentucky to other nations and states around the world and bestow an official high regard upon the title of Kentucky Colonel as an internationally recognized award and proper title. The focus of KCI is upon its colonels being legally designated as goodwill ambassadors internationally and being officially recognized as representatives of traditional Kentucky values when travelling abroad.

Kentucky Colonels International began as an idea of Col. David Wright to establish an active international membership organization that members could participate in and perpetuate their recognition as Kentucky colonels in a dignified and professional manner. Perhaps more of an equal social order rather than as military Kentucky colonel brigade or a subjective membership structure.

Col. Wright was cited for his achievements as a conservationist with Ecology Crossroads in 1996, when his tree program made the front page of the Louisville Courier-Journal in April, garnering the attention of Judge Ray Corns and Governor Paul Patton who commissioned him a Kentucky Colonel, a title he takes in the highest-regard and understanding.

Introducing the Executive Council

Now as an international civil society organization (ICSO) we have nine officers including Col. Crystal Rich Officer, Col. Karen Cantrell, Col. Luis Cruz Diaz, Col. David Younce, Col. Nicholas Wright, Col. Michael Sher, Col. Maria Veneke, Col. Jon Meier and Col. David Wright; all of them are considered executive council members to carry our formation forward; most of them have extensive experience in international affairs as goodwill ambassadors.

The title of "Kentucky Colonel" has been recognized by heads of state, at the United Nations, by international non-governmental organizations and among royalty through these noteworthy individuals.

The KCI officers have extensive experience in human and civil rights or are cause advocates for social justice issues, who are also coincidently Kentucky colonels, mostly from Globcal International. Globcal for those who do not know it is a non-state decentralized autonomous cooperative development organization that works with the United Nations, sovereign states and other international organizations, it is operated by a team of over fifty goodwill ambassadors representing causes from around the world. Many of them have become Kentucky colonels over the years based on their deeds as members, some of them were already Kentucky colonels.


To become a member in our international social fellowship a person must already behold a commission as a Kentucky Colonel and make a declaration of their deed for which they received their title. There is no membership fee, all of our activities are conducted online and based on voluntary contributions by active members and volunteers. Members are admitted based solely on providing a photograph of or with their Kentucky Colonel commission.

In 2006 our errant group of Kentucky colonels began its journey in the social media on Facebook evolving to our current presence to pull together interested members in an association internationally to promote like-minded ideals, honor and values that are common and well-understood among Kentucky colonels. In 2009 we had 500 of 700 members living outside Kentucky with nearly 30% living overseas in our social media circles, today we are up to 3,500 members world-wide.

International Registry of Kentucky Colonels

Our formation is developing a Registry Project that we announced in 2018 exclusively for Kentucky Colonels that want to be recognized in the international theater for their achievement or use their title internationally. The new registry (a blockchain project) became available in November 2019 for those who are interested in receiving an additional credential and having their title recognized in a publicly searchable database.

The registry offers colonels a certificate of registration, a lifetime ID card and additional Internet services with Google using a credential called IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service). The electronic online directory is searchable so Kentucky colonels can have their titles verified by third parties wherever they present it.

The identity service is compatible with Chrome, iPhone and Android it can be used with any Mac, Windows or Linux based operating system to access special Google services provided by a Non State Network.

Other Program Services

To better project the image of the Kentucky Colonel title and what it means to us, those who register their title (letters patent) can also demonstrate themselves through a permanent web page which we will develop and maintain on their behalf that is linked to our roster (or can connect their personal website). This is an additional service which is provided to those that live outside (or inside) the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

About Kentucky Colonels International (KCI)

KCI is organized as an unincorporated non-governmental and non-state fellowship association (commission) made up of Kentucky Colonels who have been nominated and awarded the 'Honorable' title for a notable meritorious deed or participation in a newsworthy event deserving the title. The organization in formation that we are developing involves member participation as stakeholders, therefore there may eventually be a voluntary membership fee with accountability to our supporters for work that we do with them. Currently there are no annual fees for social media or online development provided by KCI to our members that is ongoing.

Membership fees that may be charged (in the future) will be used to provide membership and professional public relations services for those who need them. To date we have not needed to request membership fees nor have we charged anyone for the services we provide online. Meanwhile there is a Donation Page here on our website to provide better social media and Internet services for our voluntary members, so we will keep up the hope that people will make donations from time to time for the services that we do provide.

Kentucky Colonels International is not the HOKC

Kentucky Colonels International (KCI) is not the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (HOKC) nor is it an international military brigade of Kentucky colonels; all of our members have been duly recognized by the Honorable Order as supporters or members of their independent charitable institution. The HOKC is a private non-profit organization and registered charity in Kentucky, it is not a state operated institution or charter of the state its members have no voting powers, participation or personal influence over the organization or its charitable activities.